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Everyone wants to be successful. However, success tends to be elusive. There are plenty of people who plateau at a level they’d hoped to surpass. What is the secret to success? There really isn’t just one way to achieve success. However, there are plenty of tips that can help people continue to achieve, though.

One of the best ways to work is by following a passion. This may sound like a luxury, but it doesn’t have to be. For example, lots of people love to perform, but not many actors make it. That passion for being up in front of lots of people, holding their attention, can find plenty of other outlets. A career in business can provide this same passion; it gives you opportunities to address other professionals at conferences. A successful career as a teacher requires the ability to hold a whole class’s attention. Even a job like a children’s librarian can provide outlets for performers. Storytime, sing-a-longs, and other events are just variations on performing.

The second tip is to be confident. Confidence is something that can be practiced. It involves body posture in addition to attitude. Confidence is something that a person can sometimes project, even when they don’t feel it internally. Shoulders back, pelvis forward, chin up: that’s a posture that telegraphs confidence. The opposite of confidence is neediness. It’s never a good idea to go into a negotiation feeling needy. As the old saying goes, one should never sell out of one’s own pocket. Be confident, and understand that asking for more than is actually expected can be a winning tactic in a negotiation.

Finally, it’s never a bad idea to delegate. No one person can do everything for a business. Some of the most successful people in history have been the best at delegation. Ronald Reagan was known for this. So was John D. Rockefeller. After all, what is the point of onboarding the best possible employees if they’re not going to be entrusted with any real responsibilities? What is the point of executives doing work that would be handled more efficiently by assistants? Delegating allows people to do the work they specialize in. It means using time more effectively throughout an organization. Remember, sometimes being busy isn’t a good thing. Sometimes busy-ness is just a distraction from more important work.