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Govind Vaghashia



With over 45 years of experience, Govind Vaghashia is a proven leader who loves a good challenge. He began his leadership journey in India where he studied Chemistry and earned his bachelor’s degree. While studying in India, Govind dedicated himself to getting involved with the community, student government and was never afraid to put in extra hours. Those after-hours work paid off when he was elected as the General Secretary of the College Students’ Union and scored the highest marks in chemistry on his SSC exam!

Once completing his bachelor’s degree, he moved to the United States to study Chemistry.  Shortly after arriving he changed course and began to study business at the University of Southern California. It was not an easy path for Govind to achieve his academic goals on his own and without financial assistance from his family. While studying at USC, he worked 60 hours a week and despite only averaging about 5-6 hours of sleep a night, Govind consistently dedicated himself to working hard and being persistent in accomplishing his goals — He truly defines what discipline and hard work looks like.

Several months after starting his journey into studying business Govind was fortunate enough to invest into his first motel property in Burbank, CA.  Despite the fact he did not have all the means to invest he worked diligently to secure his first investment property.  Shortly thereafter he began working as a senior investment advisor and from there found his true calling as a leader in the real estate industry. As a businessman, Govind realized that there will always be a demand for real estate, and therefore that industry will thrive. He understood that as long as the correct principles were in place, along with having enough expertise, knowledge, and leadership skills, he could be a real estate mogul.

Leadership is a quality that comes naturally to Govind Vaghashia. As the CEO, Chairman, and Board Member for the real estate investment firm, VBanks, he truly believes that excellent leadership comes from setting great examples for his team and helping to get the work done, no matter what. For Govind, it’s important that the organization as a whole set’s great examples for new employees to follow. Trust and loyalty guide all relationships at VBanks whether they are business relationships or employee relationships. Govind knows that without both of these traits, business and employee relationships will not last. Alongside his carefully chosen team, Govind’s mission is to provide his customers with total transparency throughout each step of the real estate loan process and to give them consistent, quality results.  His aim is to improve the lives of the people entrusting him with their money.

VBanks is well known for their transparent management services, including handling single, multi-family, and commercial properties. Under Govind Vaghashia’s leadership, VBanks also provides management operations for the hospitality industry and retail shopping centers. Not only are they experienced in ground-up development, but also the facilitation of renovations and upgrades of existing properties.

Charitable contributions are also a key aspect of Govind’s life. Whenever he isn’t working or spending time with his family, he is volunteering his time and money to various causes that are close to his heart. The two sectors that he is most passionate about are Indo-American businesses and the environment. He held the positions of Chairman and President for both the Federation of Indian American Associations (FIA) and the National Federation of Indian-American Associations (NFIA). He was also President of the Hotel/Motel Association of Southern California. 

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